Sweet Dreams Anesthesia’s consulting practice has been instrumental to numerous hospitals, physician’s practices, and ACSs trying to make informed decisions about modeling, efficiencies and cost management of anesthesia services. 

Our leadership consistes of anesthesia care providers and business professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the clinical as well as the business side of anesthesia delivery and management. We can readily identify and address challenges facing your center, big or small, and put our experience to work for you and your facility.

In a consulting role, Sweet Dreams Anesthesia will assess your current anesthesia program and provide you with recommendations that will maximize the success of your anesthesia service.

Our goal is to help you maximize quality outcomes, improve overall service, and lower anesthesia costs.

As part of this process, we will do a full assessment of your current service, as well as your future needs. Following our evaluation, we will present you with a written report that includes our findings, our recommendations, and actionable steps for improvement.

When you hire Sweet Dreams Anesthesia, here is what you can expect:

  • A strategic partner and a catalyst for positive change
  • Evidence-based anesthesia management
  • Improved operating room efficiency and outcomes
  • Reduced anesthesia costs and controlled expenses
  • Excellent customer service and quality control
  • Access to highly specialized talent
  • Time to focus on your core business.

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We pledge to bring our national experience to your organization 

We pledge to be accessible to communicate when you need us

We pledge to simply provide an exceptional anesthesia service

We pledge that the service level at your organization is our #1 priority

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