It can be challenging to balance financial and quality service demands. But as advancements in medical technology, economic pressures, an increasing aging population, and accessibility to healthcare continue to grow, ASCs have become sub-hospital environments, making it harder to stay competitive. Sweet Dreams Anesthesia provides an integrated, flexible, and cohesive anesthesia service that can give you an edge in the current healthcare marketplace.

With more and more surgical procedures taking place in out-patient centers, and even in physician’s offices, never has the need for effective and efficient anesthesia care been greater.

Improvements in medical technology mean more complex procedures are taking place in ASCs and along with that comes the challenges of complex patients with anesthesia needs for procedures like orthopedics, spine, colonoscopies, and implantable cardiac devices. Also, with an aging population, many of these patients are at a higher risk of complications. It means you need an anesthesia team you can count on. You need a team you can trust.

Sweet Dreams Anesthesia has the answer. Our compassionate team of anesthesia care providers are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to assist you and your patients.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of and a passion for the clinical, as well as the business side of anesthesia delivery and management. We can readily identify and address challenges facings ambulatory surgery centers of all sizes and put our experience to work for you and your patients.

Sweet Dreams Anesthesia understands the ASC business and we have our finger on the pulse of the difficulties facilities are facing when it comes to their anesthesia service:

  • Is your anesthesia service resistant to your attempts at creating growth?
  • Does your anesthesia service require subsidies?
  • Is your anesthesia service operating the most cost-effectively to align with your center’s needs?
  • Is it difficult to communicate with your anesthesia service?
  • Does your anesthesia service function as part of your team or create their own demands?
  • Is your anesthesia service part of a mega-group where you’re just another number?
  • Are you tired of the revolving door of anesthesia providers?
  • Is your anesthesia service helping you implement ERAS protocols?

If you are ready to explore all of the anesthesia service options available to you and your ASC, give us a call today.

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