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Superior Excellence

With experience in hospitals, ASCs and office-based our team has seen it all. We understand there are a lot of feelings on surgery day and we're there to help patients  and facilities through that time.

Our Why

We are people pleasers. Whether it's patients, surgeons or administrators, our goal is to provide worry free anesthesia. It's our name and it's what we do. Sweet Dreams.

Exceeding Expectations

Our experience, knowledge and ability to communicate shows in every engagement. We strive to be a small footprint that creates a large impact for you. That's why our client retention is 96%.


Sweet Dreams Anesthesia was founded in 2011 by experienced anesthesia care clinicians who believed there was a better way to provide anesthesia services to facilities, surgeons and patients. With a partnership mindset, our goal is to be a trusted part of your team that you can count on in any situations.

"As a CRNA, I frequently heard clients complain about anesthesia providers not showing up as scheduled or having a bedside manner that wasn't compatible with their practice. They were unhappy and frustrated. I saw the need and decided to do something about it."

Aaron A. Jones, DNAP, CRNA and CEO of Sweet Dreams Anesthesia

We’re innovators, leading the anesthesia industry with our knowledge, experience, and skills to serve your needs while providing patients with exceptional care.

Think you know us? Think again. We're not like other anesthesia groups and companies.

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