Anesthesia service specialists for ASC's and office-based settings



Sweet Dreams Anesthesia is a growing provider of anesthesia services throughout the United States. Our board-certified CRNA’s provide exceptional care and service.
Sweet Dream Anesthesia delivers:
• Peace of mind. Our CRNAs are board certified and operate according to the highest industry standards.
• Unmatched patient care. We understand that patient safety comes first. Always.
• Easy scheduling. We work closely with your scheduler to provide anesthesia services when you need them.
• Safe anesthesia care at no cost to your facility. We bill directly to your patient’s insurance as in-network providers.
Anesthesia services are focused in:

  • Ambulatory
    We provide efficient and dedicated care ideal for the specific requirements and volume of ambulatory care centers.
  • Office-based
    Our specialized anesthesia services are created to meet the unique needs of physicians and patients in office settings.
  • Hospital
    Our hospital anesthesia services are unmatched in eliminating inefficiencies and boosting hospital revenue.
Our specialized anesthesia services are created to meet your unique needs.


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are board certified, licensed and trained to practice independently. In fact, CRNAs administer approximately 65 percent of all anesthetics given to patients in the United States each year.

At Sweet Dreams, our CRNAs provide high-quality anesthesia services and decrease liability for your practice. Each CRNA carries their own malpractice policy. CRNAs have demonstrated no difference in safety when compared to other anesthesia providers. Partnering with Sweet Dream Anesthesia is a safe choice for your practice and your patients.

Our board-certified CRNA’s provide exceptional care and service.


Anesthesia is a safe and comfortable option for most medical procedures.  Sweet Dreams Anesthesia CRNAs are board certified and provide the highest standard of anesthesia care. In the last 30 years, improvements in drugs, technology, anesthesia techniques and provider education have made anesthesia care safer than it has ever been.

Please see our Patient Guide to prepare for your procedure.

Patients are our primary focus.


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